2.3oz glass jar 


Purify is a gentle and powerful peel-off mask. Bentonite clay and activated charcoal are negatively charged, attracting and drawing out positively charged bacteria, dirt, and toxins from the skin and pores. Burdock root is renown for their effectiveness against acne and other skin problems, making this mask perfect for prone skin while also helping to tighten, exfoliate, and invigorate skin.

Activated charcoal binds and pulls dirt out of pores, making them less visible (it's the oil and dirt that make them appear bigger).

Khaolin Clay is the most gentle of all the clays; it cleanses and detoxifies by drawing out dirt from your skin and pores.

.Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Betonite Clay,Khaolin Clay, Seaweed Powder, Chamomile Extract, Burdock Root


(use a plastic spoon because a metal spoon will change the effectiveness of Betonite clay) 

1/2 tsp just for t-zone and Chin 

1-2 tsp for whole face 

1. Scoop amount desired into bowl and pour half amount of tsp( your choice for face or just tzone) of HOT water and stir. Stir until there’s no clumps. 

2. Let it cool down for 1 min and apply THICK layer on skin. Applying thick layer on the areas will give you more grip to peel 

3. Leave on for 15 mins and peel DOWN from the areas. Enjoy your new soft, clean and smooth skin! Please do not peel up because it’ll take forever and it’s not so pleasant. 

4. Your face and areas peeled will be slightly red, like blushing red so don’t worry! The rednes is due from the motion of peeling and the clays are boosting circulation (as well as bringing all the impurities to the surface of the skin). The redness will subside after 20 minutes. Always remember to use a toner and moisturize after. 



beauty tip: best used after shower when all the pores are open and ready for a good cleanse. 

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